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Fdnfashion Concept Studio is the "world" of francesca de nardi.

Her base is in Italy, in Rome, the capital, not really the city of fashion as Milan but the place where born the "Camera nazionale della moda italiana" close Venice Square (now in Milan)

Rome is really full of little reality, energizing and connected to fashion world and to south of Italy full of manufacturers and medium and little society and brands

In the "fdnfashion concept studio" you can find what do you need as fashion service, style office, fashion tendencies and fashion services consulting, with a detailed report view of all the major fairs and fashion exhibition.

Francesca De Nardi born in Rome, on the 24th Jenuary of '68.
She is an Aquarius and her studio, reflect her creativity and colour fantasy.

the freelance position is really a fundamental choice in her professional background and carrier.
 She could know in this way, many fields of fashion world & business system, different and spread out.
 Using her knowhow in all way to create, design, project and show a collection.
Impossible to do and to apply when you are in a big and solid reality,
well constructed but without freedom time and imput from outside.
As single entity, was instead of possible to analyze, decide and work on different level,
creating a circle of strong resources and suppliers, always ready with the tendencies and marketing choice,
from Italy to abroad, for little and big reality production brand.
fashion & costume designer - consultant - PR  connection -  trend-researcher -  interior-decorator - visual merchandiser