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Milan fashion week


Altaroma catwlak....fashion week & events Fashion on paper...

Piiti immagine Uomo & Woman Precollection jen. '09

Christmas lounge fashion gift Show-room
little spot fashion...not only gift...for every moment of the year!
trend, clothes, knitwear, accessories, bijoux, glam stuff
3 days weekly of lounge show-room
from tuesday to thursday .....

Carpi Fondation consultance briefing

start up master in Fashion

Linea Intima first magazine in intimate & beachwear, during MVM invite the italian fashion designer, francesca de nardi, to partecipate @ "Mare di Moda" in Cannes


presentation flash collection lines, prototypes & B2B fashion service & consultance

Bread&Butter & THE SOURCE, Barcelona.

Outsourcing Buying office & connection PR.

Spazio Etoile, Rome. Personale flash summer collection.

Paris le connection

image stylist shooting material research


Workshop, Rome. Fashion/image,

fashion nonsenses & the hard work on backstage.
immaging care & personal consultance

Grottaferrata' s National Fair, guest as handcraft Rome's province.
Presentation studio fashion's service & products.

Londra fashion week - Pure cool hunting & fair report

milano " in season " catwalk & moda in 

personale Duke Hotel
Christmas collection

Arti&Mestieri, New Fair of Rome. Presentation flash collection gift. Print glam-cartoon t-shirt collection.


“Countdown”, live music, dance and fashion event, coreography. single catwalk, models casting. Brand: Roberta Scarpa, EXE, Sathia, Ripani lethers, UMM clothing, Lustrosa, Motusmentis


BACKSTAGE fitting catwalk


Bread&Butter”, Barcelona, taking around clients at the fair and giving fashion AD for buying service.

Moa Casa, New fair of Rom. Interior decoration collections, canvas, accessories and fabric print.

Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome. Exhibition. Hystoric costume set up corner inspired to the heroina, Tosca, Hystoric Research of wordbook, canvas with ancient pictures of castle and neighbourhood

Event Revolution, show academy. Posture's teacher and image consultance.

Image consultance service's, fabric's research and accessories evening-wedding-glam. "Fiori d’Arancio" fair, Rome.


MBC Emitates TV, reportage & interview...

...for the weekly fashion TV program  "She Style"



interior decoration & visual merchandising
for store & corner




Portal....along the magic river of Rome...



styling and set up show-room for interior decorations

Davalos, Haymann, hristmas collection


idea regalo, fair, spring/summer


Christmas Rome fair

idea regalo, preview for gift ideas

opening studio

27th May 2005
opening cocktail party, new look fdnfashion's studio,
linked by fashionmagazine.it & romaexplorer.i

rome spouse

15/23 january 2005, Rome Spouse, Rome fair

fashion consultances for:
design, image, personal shopper service, research fabrics/colours, image consultance, made on measure and accessorie's design

assistant costume designer/stylist, public relation with brand to choose the image

fiction RAI "butta la luna"

Vittorio Sindoni producer, Fiona May actor.

catwalk "fiori d'arancio" Ergife Hotel
wedding evening dress vintage selection glam....

wedding dress collection for Fiori d'Arancio...

consulting & vintage redesign

7/10 october 2004 Ergife Palace, Rome.

research and costume design for Alma Mahler character
 in the theatre show, inspired with her.
Summer events for the Roman season at Fontanone, Gianicolo, Rome.
Director Enzo Aronica

alam mahaler scenografia 

tribal dance performance:
4 tones and the 5th element

for Pigreco research, Adriana Raciti....during the roman fashion-shows AltaModa at Auditorium

knitwear prototipes for the fashion show collection of Gianni Serra, during the roman fashion week, calender AltaRoma, at Auditorium.

charity evening realized by Hostess on Line, together the Questura of Rome through Dott. Domenico della Ventura ONLUS founfation “D.V.F – DELLA VENTURA FOUNDATION”, volounteer association working in the third world, location Kursaal beach of Ostia....

art director for the agency Hostess on Line realizing the fashion-show of beach-wear and glamour garment


prototipes knitwear collection spring-summer, woman, for Pigreco Research, Rome.


wedding dress inspired to the witch Circe, from Omero

wedding location, San Felice Circeo, where the hero Ulisse met and fought with Circe and the Cyclope