garage fashion lab, rent or buy your costumefor cinema tv theatre. professional place to find the right outfit for ckstume designers,stylist, TV-Movie production, Rome cinecittà studios area

GARAGE FASHION LAB by...francesca de nardi

garage fashion lab working progress...

RENTt&BUY for media, tv cinema theatre, costume accessorie andsome interior for scenography needs

every week new enter of items
info call or send mail with details @ or
Via Pietro Marchisio 16/f - 00173 ROMA
aea Cinecittà Est
mob. +39 3333478333
page facebook:

you can find uswith this  costume service and more @ Annuario del Cinema Online
to support media & photog. fo costume props  & scenography

this is a little example of what you can find in this space available to buy,. rent and delivery all over.

Official Opening giovedì 24 gennaio 2013 dalle ore 20.30 alla mezzanotte ed oltre per...
il compleanno della titolare ...piccolo aperitivo nello studio subito sopra!

0pening 24  January 2013 from 6pm tp 11 pm.
follow little aperitive party up in studio
this was the official date opening of "Garage Fashion Lab" space dedicated to costume area of media partners.

this date was also my BIRTHDAY so... what kind of other interesting moment during Altaroma fashion week to introduce this fashion service and EVENT?
Here cinema, tv, theatre production and the costume designer, together with stylists can come and RENT, BUY,or ask to DESIGN & REALIZE what they need for their needs.
Private people can also come visit and BUY, what they want choosing from dresses, accessories and other different product.
From 50' really VINTAGEe (only to rent) to modern branded with name as CAVALLI; D&G; RUSTY; QUICKSILVER; from luxury to sportive.
Woman - Man - Kids from New Born to Teenager...
you have a lots of choise.
You can also find me in ANNUARIO DEL CINEMA ONLINE as costume designer and costume’
s services.
all products are cleaned, hironed and ready to be weared.

In the same the production have to give me back after the RENTED period.

Our partner is a loundry close to the Fdnfashion Concept Studio that give support to the services.